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7 Ways to Recenter in Uncertain Times {w/ video replay}

A few weeks ago I withdrew from life in general. Partly because I was angry about what's happening in the world layered by the injustice my people have had to endure for centuries. Real Talk. Partly because I had to unplug from social media, email, news, etc. and pop conversation in that I was becoming overloaded with too much information to calibrate at one time.

To separate all aspects of my personal life from my business life is unrealistic. I am my life I am my business. There is some fluidity there. In everything I do, I strive to give my best energy. So, I took space to recenter by reconnecting to self, the work I wish to do, and the life I wish to create. It's a daily practice. And, breathe...

Last week I was invited by the fabulous Rebelle Community to share this message with them. I'm beyond grateful that the practices curated for my personal self-care can empower others.

Empowering people to create the lives they want by connecting to self, the work they wish to do and and the lives they want to create is my superpower. Harmony is my medium.

Watch the video replay {60 mins} to learn 7 Ways to Recenter in Uncertain Times + hear a dynamic conversation. You might even get a few of your questions answered along the way. And, breathe...

If you need additional recentering for a specific area in your personal or business life you know where to find me. Harmony Organizing's virtual services provide organizing, development, & productivity solutions for entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals on the grow. Learn more.

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