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Harness The Power of Prep

Hello, hello! It's another week to create the life that you want!

In order to be ready for all of the fabulous things that are coming your way you need to Harness the Power of Prep.

PREPARATION is one of the biggest keys to success!

It allows you to...

  • Set your game plan.
  • Eliminate wasted time and effort.
  • Make fewer mistakes.
  • Be proactive.


Three Tools You Need to prep for the week:

  • Your calendar
  • Your Weekly to-do list
  • Your Daily to-do list


1. Write all of the tasks you want to achieve this week onto a list. Remember these tasks should align with your 90 Day Goals and routine activities like shopping, washing clothes, etc. Be realistic and don't overwhelm yourself. This list becomes your weekly to-do list.

2. Determine the top 3-5 tasks that must get done this week. These tasks become your top priorities and weekly focus.

3. Review your weekly to-do list. Write the top 3-5 tasks that must be achieved on Monday.

4. Review your weekly calendar. Do you foresee any areas in your schedule (appointments, meetings, deadlines, etc.) that may cause a problem or seems unrealistic to achieve in the timeframes set? Adjust your schedule as needed.

**Repeat steps 3 and 4 Monday - Friday.

*Repeat the power of prep cycle on Sunday.