• Community Organizing

  • Creating Collaborative Ecosystems for...

    Engagement, Innovation, Empowerment & Growth for your team, business or professional organization through an intuitive bottom-up approach.

    Our Goal

    • Give your community a tone, voice and human element that that supports your brand. 
    • Provide community members with a sense of belonging and a network to connect with others based on shared interests or characteristics.
    • to build authentic relationships among your external or internal audience.
    • to receive feedback from that community that drives your company’s innovation.
    • Harmony provides three cost-effective and time-effective professional consultant solutions, enabling clients to engage professional support over a sustainable period of time, while being able to manage consultancy costs within a clearly defined monthly budget.
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    86% of of Organizations believe community is critical to their company's mission.

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    69% of Organizations will increase their investment in community in 2022.

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    88% have at least one dedicated community manager.

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    79% of community professionals believe their organizations should take a public stance on DEI issues.

  • The Problem

    • Don’t know who your community is.
    • Don’t know what your community wants, which can affect:
      • Customer satisfaction
      • Retention levels
      • Idea gathering and feedback for future products and services
      • Inability to reward brand champions
    • Haven’t clearly defined your company/organization tone, voice and the human element behind your brand.
    • No brand awareness.
    • Do not have a collaborative space where your community can engage, innovate and empower each other. 

    The Solution

    • Clearly define the company/organization goals for creating a community.
    • Clearly define the community (identity, values, beliefs, behavior, rules of engagement, etc.).
    • Determine community engagement strategy.
    • Build authentic relationships among the external audience (customers, fans, followers) or internal audience (employees, vendors, team members) using the determined community engagement model.
    • Incentivize community engagement (events, rewards, etc.).
    • Transition from an everyday brand to a human brand.

    Ayanna's Signature Model

    Ayanna uses The Network Incubator™ model, her signature innovative community management strategy that creates intuitive communities based upon the ideas that the community generates to sustain itself.

  • Community Project Highlights

    The following highlighted communities have been created and/or developed by Ayanna McMullen

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    The Network Incubator

    A creative think tank for business ideas

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    Standing Together 6 Ft Apart

    Using theatre as a source of community healing.

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