Residential Clients

    Declutter your home to create a safe haven from life's chaos.

    Stop letting your mess greet you at the door. Keep what's important, trash the rest. Yeah, it's that simple.

    Goal Setting

    Creative Goal Setting & Personal Development.

    Feeling overwhelmed and out of control? Learn how to get things done AND have fun! No more working 'til you drop. Learn more.

    It's A Different World

    College Organizing

    Step into college like you actually know what you're doing. Get the tools you need to juggle school, work AND have a social life. We'll organize your dorm, give you tips and tricks on how to organize your class schedule, take notes, and study tools to ace the test. Learn more.


    Office Organizing

    Declutter your workspace & implement processes that leverage your time.

    Seriously, has your desk become a dumping ground for whatever? Does your desktop look like Tetris? You're letting your space work you. Find what you need when you need it and keep it moving. Learn more.

    Business Basics

    Set-up up the basic elements of your business and start getting clients.

    Not sure where to begin? Business Basics will simplify the start-up process from registering your business to creating a website. Receive a 90-Day Business Launch Plan + support. Learn more.

    Administrative Support

    You wear a lot of hats. Let us take one of them. Get the administrative support you need when you need it.

    All over the place but you can't afford full-time support? Let Harmony come in and support you in the areas you need the most. We'll file, make calls, enter data, order supplies and more.

    Sync Your System

    Untangle the information mashup on apps, programs, and paper.

    Our custom Sync Your System framework allows you to easily locate any file or document on any platform, guaranteed.

    Train Your Team

    Give your team the tools and validation it needs to thrive within your company's culture.

    Your team is the most valuable asset to your company but it's not operating at the level you need. Identify what your team needs first then choose the right method of training to connect the dots.

    Project Management

    Corral your team and supporters with streamlined systems to achieve a specific goal.

    We'll take care of the project details so that you can focus on the big picture. Set milestones, track progress, communicate effectively, and all that jazz.


    The Network Incubator

    A creative think tank for business ideas for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, & Professionals.

    CONNECT. CREATE. COLLABORATE. Flesh out a business idea or challenge within an innovative safe space to take your business to the next level. Every 1st Thursday of the month at Capital One Cafe in Carytown 2933 W. Cary St, RVA 23221

    Learn more.

    How To Be A #GoalGetter Workshop

    Creative Goal Setting & Personal Development.

    This workshop offers an open space for people to create the lives they want within a creative, fun, peer to peer sharing atmosphere using an "out of the box" goal-setting blueprint. Learn more.

    The Art of Goal Setting Workshop

    Where Goal Setting Meets Artistic Expression.

    The Art of Goal Setting Workshop empowers youth to achieve their dreams through creative goal setting within a fun, creative, and dynamic peer to peer sharing atmosphere. Learn more.

    A SIP of Greatness Workshop

    Stay In Purpose (SIP) and tap into what's already inside of you to succeed.

    Everyone has a unique gift to offer the world. What's yours? Allow us to help navigate your journey towards discovering how to SIP (Stay In Purpose) and uncover your personal genius. Learn more.


    From Chaos To Calm:

    Unleashing Your Inner Genius Through Organization

    Create the life you want.

    Overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of control? Can't seem to maximize your potential and reach the next level? Clutter keeps you stuck - in all levels of your life. Learn how to the SPACE method can empower you to declutter your physical and mental spaces to release your intellectual and creative power and create the life you want. Learn more.

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