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How To Communicate For Clarity

TNI #TipTuesday Communicate for Clarity"Good communication is the bridge between clarity and confusion." -Unknown

⭐The best way to secure a new client is to be upfront about your process and pricing.

⭐The best way to build a solid and supportive team is to be upfront about your process and cause. 

Here are a few guidelines to communicate effectively in life & business.

1. SHARE SPECIFIC EXPECTATIONS If you don't know what to expect the you don't know what you'll get. You: Oh, I wanted to paint the wall blue. Them:  You just said you wanted it painted.

2. BE UPFRONT ABOUT NEXT STEPS After the meeting what's next?  After the Client Discovery Call what's next?

3. MAKE IT EASY & APPEALING TO TAKE ACTION Too many steps become overwhelming ➕ people like to engage with things that look good. 1 click is better than 3, 3 clicks are  better than 5, etc. 


•"Hey, what do you guys think?" Is one of my most used phrases with my team.

•"Let me know if you have questions or how does this work for you?" Are some of my most used phrases for my clients.

Sidenote:  If these guidelines have been met and your team or client still don't align with your vision or services then they're probably not a good fit.