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You Are Your Life.


This is one of the first principles I teach my goal setting clients and often one of the hardest lessons to implement, especially for women who are more likely to put their needs on the back burner than men.

If you were not alive; if you didn’t have a physical presence you would not be experiencing this thing we call life in all if it’s beauty and complexity. That's deep, right? Not really. How can you actively experience the world if you’re not present within it?

You are the core from which everything else revolves. Take the nucleus of an atom for instance. The electrons are energy forces that revolve around the nucleus. And like the atom, we have energy forces that revolve around us.

These energy forces are areas of life in which we operate daily. I call these areas of life dimensions because they have energy depth, width, height, color, and nuance. They have varying degrees of complexity and simplicity.

There are 7 dimensions that revolve around who you are. They are:

  1. Home
  2. Work
  3. Spiritual
  4. Health
  5. Money
  6. Family
  7. Friends

This is why self-care is not selfish it is necessary! Taking care of yourself is vital to managing the dimensions of your life. Take care of yourself first, the core of who you are and you’ll be better equipped to take care of others and your work using your best energy. Without you, your life doesn’t work.

Our uber achieving society teaches us to keep grinding without end and we'll eventually become successful and satisfied and even more so than the next person. Who is that person? Why are we so pressed to compete against her? I've been guilty of this mindset.

You say to yourself, “I’m tired but I’ll keep going. I'm always sick but I’m almost there. My mind is so cluttered and I’m all over the place, but I go this!” The grind mindset is a lie and will cost you greatly. I had to learn this lesson the hard way, but that’s for another story, hehe.

Shout out to The Flourish Society who makes self-care a priority among women to live their best lives.

The moral of this story. You Are Your Life. Align not Grind.

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