• Business Organizing

  • Harmony provides a suite of essential business support services

    for solopreneurs & small businesses.

    Available in person or virtually.



    Office Organizing - Workflow Management - Productivity Coaching - Business Startup Coaching & Consulting - Administrative Support - Goal Setting - Graphic Design - Website Design - Team Training - Workshops - Group Facilitation - Project Management - Progam Development - Community Building - Research

  • Benefits of working with Harmony


    Specialized Skills: Our training and experience in the latest business strategies, methodologies, and products guarantee optimal solutions.


    Team Member In Your Corner: Harmony works within a collaborative process. Having a team member is akin to having a "third eye" on your business – an invaluable perspective that brings clarity, guidance, and strategic insights to navigate your business. This unique partnership offers several benefits


    Strategic Clarity and Direction: We craft a clear and actionable roadmap tailored to your business objectives, ensuring every step contributes to your success. Align your vision with feasible strategies, prioritizing objectives to drive sustainable growth.


    Mindset Shift: We provide direction and strategies to change perspectives, beliefs and behavior, tap into your inner genius to grow your business and achieve your goals.


    Confidence Building: We empower you to embrace your inner genius, your authentic self and intuition paired with aligned strategy to lean into your gifts, talents and experience to cultivate your business savvy.


    Enhanced Decision-making: Access critical information swiftly, aiding informed decision-making.
    Gain clarity in business strategies through organized data and insights.


    Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Organize processes for maximum efficiency, reducing bottlenecks and delays. Utilize time, space, and personnel effectively, boosting overall productivity. Develop systematic approaches to manage tasks, projects, and information flow.


    Clutter Reduction. Organize workspaces and digital systems, minimizing chaos and enhancing accessibility.


    Time Management. Identify and prioritize tasks for improved time management and goal achievement. Optimize schedules, allocating time effectively to critical tasks for maximum impact.


    Peak Productivity. Organized spaces and systems mean less stress, more brainpower for your core tasks. Harmony's proven productivity strategies will help you stay in the zone to minimize distractions and create a workspace that's all about productivity.


    Accountability. Establish measurable benchmarks ensuring progress is tracked and evaluated.


    Continuous Improvement. Embrace an iterative approach, evolving strategies based on real-time data and market feedback. Cultivate an environment that encourages innovation, enabling continuous improvement and growth.


    Skill Sharing: Harmony not only organizes your business but also shares our business strategies, empowering you to sustain and adapt your business to future changes when our work is complete.


    Confidentiality: Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our service. Harmony will never dispose of any items without your express permission. All testimonials and photos on our website are showcased only with client approval, ensuring the utmost privacy.


    Support Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being: By implementing effective organizational strategies, Harmony aims to alleviate stress, enhance productivity, and elevate your overall quality of life by supporting your mental and emotional well-being
  • Our Process


    Step 1: Assessment and Planning - We start by understanding your space, your goals, and your unique needs. We'll review your business, business items and processes. This helps us create a tailored plan for your business.


    Step 2: Implementation - We'll put your business organizing plan into action outlining processes, segmenting core areas of your business and deciding what actions to take and when to get you to the next level.


    Step 3: Maintenance and Long-Term Support - We provide advice and tips on how to keep your business in tip top shape and offer ongoing support if needed to maintain your business order.