• Home Organizing

  • Harmony can organize most any space in your home, office or workspace.

    Available in person or virtually.

    Residential Clients

    Bedrooms & Bathrooms - Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - Children's Rooms & Playrooms - Kitchen & Cabinets - Attics, Basements & Garages - Storage Sheds - Music & Art Rooms - Home Offices & Workspaces - Paper & Electronic Files

    Commercial Clients

    Office Buildings - Retails Stores - After School Programs - Community Centers - Art Centers - Event Venues - Enterprise Development Organizations - Incubators - Maker Spaces

  • Benefits of working with Harmony


    Specialized Skills: Our training in organizing techniques, methodologies, and the latest products guarantees optimal solutions. At Harmony, we serve as your Project Manager, supporting and guiding you, allowing you to concentrate your energy on decisions about what to keep or release.


    Judgement-Free Zone: Harmony creates a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere in our organizing process, respecting your preferences and decisions without criticism. We approach each client's unique situation with empathy and understanding, fostering a comfortable and empowering journey toward a more organized space.


    Confidentiality: Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our service. Harmony will never dispose of any items without your express permission. All testimonials and photos on our website are showcased only with client approval, ensuring the utmost privacy.


    Articulating Your Vision: Harmony values your input to create an organized space aligned with your vision and needs. Your voice and feedback are central throughout the organizational process.


    Maximize Space: Harmony has a keen eye for space optimization. They can help rearrange furniture, suggest storage solutions, and declutter areas, making the most of available space.


    Customized Sustainable Systems: Harmony's long-lasting organizational systems are tailored for your space and lifestyle, Harmony creates sustainable organizing systems to maximize your efficiency and enjoyment in how you live, work, and play."


    Transfer Skills: Harmony not only organizes your space but also shares our organizing methods, empowering you to sustain and adapt your space to meet your evolving needs when our work is complete.


    Complimentary Donation Haul: We provide va complimentary donation haul up to a certain limit with each project, at no extra cost. Additionally, we offer the service of transporting items for consignment at our special personal shopping rate. Special restrictions may apply.


    Support Your Mental & Emotional Well-Being - By implementing effective organizational strategies, Harmony aims to alleviate stress, enhance productivity, and elevate your overall quality of life by supporting your mental and emotional well-being.

  • Our Process


    Step 1: Assessment and Planning - We start by understanding your space, your goals, and your unique needs. This helps us create a tailored plan for organizing.


    Step 2: Sorting and Decluttering - We'll go through your items, categorizing and deciding what to keep, donate, or discard.


    Step 3: Organizing and Categorizing - Everything that you decide to keep will be organized into specific categories, making it easier to find things.


    Step 4: Storage and Systems - We'll develop storage solutions and systems to maintain the organization, ensuring that everything has its place.


    Step 5: Maintenance and Long-Term Support - We provide advice and tips on how to keep things organized and offer ongoing support if needed to maintain order in your space.