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  • I thoroughly appreciated working with Ayanna! Her effective use of time and space allowed me to sort and decluttering items that I needed to prioritize but had not. Her diligence and organization made this process smooth and enjoyable. I strongly recommend her services!

    -Adrienne J. | Director, Entrepreneur, Community Organizer


    I’ve decided to revisit my love for interior design/decor as a hobby. Up first on my faux HGTV life is my home office. Before I could clearly see what I have to store for this space I had to get it organized.

    And in comes Harmony Organizing.

    Ayanna is like a fairy Godmother!!!

    Every single thing has a space, place, and reason for being in my office. It feels peaceful and energizing when I walk in this room now instead of overwhelming. If you are struggling with clutter and organization I highly recommend just scheduling ONE consult with Ayanna. It’ll change your life.

    - Shantell M. | Serial Entrepreneur



    "My life before Harmony was running on E while flying 90 mph. Harmony has helped me establish long-lasting rituals to make sense of my daily work, teaching me how to clear space for myself and presenting how to run each of my businesses with deeper clarity. Thanks for helping me!"

    - Joi D. | Photographer, Creative, Serial Entrepreneur


    "I had a spare room that was designated to be my office and art studio workspace. Instead, it became my extra materials and package room, which did not encourage me to actually get work done in that space. Over time things just started piling up and it became too hard to handle. From working with Harmony I further realized that I have a lot of interests and multiple layers of items/materials/files/books that were challenging for me to organize. Harmony helped put things in their proper space/zone. It's a room that I can now function in. A space to help me focus and grow."

    - Sukenya B. | Artist


    "I realize now how an organized space can affect one's mood and temperament, along with creating a sense of peace. Although I have always liked our house I was ashamed when an unexpected visitor would come and now, if the occasion should arise, I now have a sense of pride in the house. We have learned the importance of making "homes" for things. I also realize it takes much less time to manage the cleaning of the house which means more time to do other things. You showed us how to go through an entire room, place items in categories, rearrange a space, and not be hesitant with keeping empty shelves or wall spaces. You also encouraged us to evaluate our ties to things and the use that something received. I would highly recommend Harmony Organizing for any person who struggles with clutter and seeks a more peaceful space. You are a poised, kind, and caring individual who can offer assistance to both residences and businesses."

    - Suzanne L. | Educator & Artist


    "This experience has first allowed me to have less stress…day to day about how I want my life to be but my impatience and inability to put my dreams in order were a problem…Harmony Organizing has been a calming force in my life…it allows me to see my goals on paper and follow my daily tasks to meet my goals. Thank you for your insight and support!"

    - Zenobia B. | Community Organizer


    "Harmony developed an organizational system tailored to my work style. Ayanna’s ability to design a system that compliments my strengths yet flexible enough for modification is not only perfect for my personality but commendable. Most importantly Harmony worked around my schedule. Harmony did this so well, my team was impressed how well Harmony organized my office and developed a filing system without interrupting our productivity. Harmony is efficient, effective and professional."

    - Albert W. | Community Organizer


    "I was delighted with the help I received in just six hours, plus planning time from Ayanna McMullen's services. It was truly a collaboration where Ayanna responded to my definition of my needs AND just as important, made suggestions about organization, donations, next-steps. Organizing and decluttering are very personal activities. Ayanna had the personal qualities, professionalism, and the knowledge to help me get through it quickly and relatively painlessly."

    - Mary A. | Retiree


    "Thanks so much for organizing my closet. I t looks great! I can actually walk in it without knocking over boxes and getting a headache from the clutter."

    - Sandra M. | Educatorgraph text here.

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