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    Engagement, Innovation, Empowerment & Growth for your team, business or professional organization through an intuitive bottom-up approach.

    Our Goal

    • Give your community a tone, voice and human element that that supports your brand. 
    • Provide community members with a sense of belonging and a network to connect with others based on shared interests or characteristics.
    • to build authentic relationships among your external or internal audience.
    • to receive feedback from that community that drives your company’s innovation.
    • Harmony provides three cost-effective and time-effective professional consultant solutions, enabling clients to engage professional support over a sustainable period of time, while being able to manage consultancy costs within a clearly defined monthly budget.
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    86% of of Organizations believe community is critical to their company's mission.

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    69% of Organizations will increase their investment in community in 2022.

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    88% have at least one dedicated community manager.

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    79% of community professionals believe their organizations should take a public stance on DEI issues.

  • The Problem

    • Don’t know who your community is.
    • Don’t know what your community wants, which can affect:
      • Customer satisfaction
      • Retention levels
      • Idea gathering and feedback for future products and services
      • Inability to reward brand champions
    • Haven’t clearly defined your company/organization tone, voice and the human element behind your brand.
    • No brand awareness.
    • Do not have a collaborative space where your community can engage, innovate and empower each other. 

    The Solution

    • Clearly define the company/organization goals for creating a community.
    • Clearly define the community (identity, values, beliefs, behavior, rules of engagement, etc.).
    • Determine community engagement strategy.
    • Build authentic relationships among the external audience (customers, fans, followers) or internal audience (employees, vendors, team members) using the determined community engagement model.
    • Incentivize community engagement (events, rewards, etc.).
    • Transition from an everyday brand to a human brand.

    Ayanna's Signature Model

    Ayanna uses The Network Incubator™ model, her signature innovative community management strategy that creates intuitive communities based upon the ideas that the community generates to sustain itself.

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  • Community Project Highlights

    The following highlighted communities have been created and/or developed by Ayanna McMullen

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    The Network Incubator

    A creative think tank for business ideas

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    Standing Together 6 Ft Apart

    Using theatre as a source of community healing.

  • Ayanna McMullen

    Catalyst, Eclectic Soul, Entrepreneur & Community Builder

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    Ayanna’s superpower is sparking unconventional clarity and connecting people with solutions and resources that bring balance and growth to their personal and business lives and the communities in which they live.


    She specializes in creating organizing, development and productivity systems and frameworks that take you or your organization from transaction to transformation.


    Her company Harmony Organizing provides organizing, development and productivity solutions for entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals on the grow.


    She is also the founder of The Network Incubator - a creative think tank for business ideas.


    Ayanna is a native of Richmond, VA and has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University with over 20 years of experience in the organizing, development and educational fields.


    Ayanna has worked with community organizations and initiatives such as Community 50/50, Girls For A Change, Wide Receiver Nation, University of Richmond Department of Theatre & Dance "Standing Together 6 Ft Apart."


    She is a board member of the United Virginia Education Fund and a member of the Social Enterprise Alliance Virginia Chapter.


    She is also a vocalist, long-distance runner and salsa dancer.

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