Here's a collection of a few of my favorite organizing projects.


    Chaos To Calm: Unleashing Your Inner Genius Through Organization (Workshop)


    Overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of control? Can't seem to maximize your potential and reach the next level? Clutter keeps you stuck - in all levels of your life. Learn how to the SPACE method can empower you to declutter your physical and mental spaces to release your intellectual and creative power and create the life you want.
    Launched in November 2019 at Rebelle Con, this refreshingly interactive workshop teaches participants how to apply the SPACE method to their physical surroundings, to their mental processes and how to own the SPACE in which they live


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    *Photos by Penelope Carrington, Petite Shards Productions
  • High Rise Office Charlotte, NC
    This client had just moved to a new state and opened a new business. Her chic high-rise office provides a professional space away from home and family life where she can focus on work, accept clients, and conduct meetings. Harmony created a workflow management and filing system as well as organized contacts and supplies. She was also coached in developing a daily schedule and aligning tasks to achieve her business goals.
  • Business Office ​Charlotte, NC
    "It is more than a pleasure to recommend Ayanna and Harmony Organizing. Her unique talents and remarkable skill set allow her to see order within chaos. She has been a tremendous asset to my businesses, but more importantly my personal life. Through the order that she has established, I am able to see opportunities I would otherwise be too unorganized and totally unprepared to explore. It is my sincere belief that everyone should have an opportunity to experience the balance and harmony that Harmony Organizing provides."
    J.M. | Entrepreneur
  • Dorm Room  Norfolk, VA
    This fun and airy dorm room design was created in collaboration with the students and their families. Prior to moving in, Harmony was brought on board by a roomie to develop a color scheme, create a school supply list and help with shopping. On move-in day Harmony directed the organizing process to maximize space, set up a streamlined study zone, and an overall supportive and comfortable "home" base away from the rigors of college life. Her class schedule is color-coded and matches her notebooks and folders in order to easily identify subjects.
  • Kitchen Nook Charlotte, NC


    Overwhelm manifested in paper form. Harmony coached this single mother through the process of sorting, purging, and storing her paperwork. A filing system was also created. Now she is able to manage her household bills and information more efficiently. It's aesthetically pleasing too!
  • Baby's Room Henrico, VA


    A mom-to-be in nesting mode realized she needed to get things in order quickly! The room intended for a new edition to the family had become a dumping ground for any and all things not properly stored in the home. Harmony helped mom create a clean, healthy and nurturing space for bonding with baby.
  • Master Bedroom ​ Henrico, VA
    A couple working with odd spaces never got around to purging duplicate items once they had married. They outgrew their storage space and items were placed randomly here and there. Harmony coached the couple through the process of letting things go and keeping only what was either necessary or added value to their lives. Items were given proper homes and sleep has been so much sweeter.