• Events & Workshops

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    The Network Incubator

    Every 1st Thursday of the month

    A creative think tank for business ideas for Entrepreneurs, Creatives, & Professionals.

    CONNECT. CREATE. COLLABORATE. Flesh out a business idea or challenge within an innovative safe space to take your business to the next level. Facilitated on

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    Declutter & Be Well: How Removing Clutter Improves Your Physical & Mental Health

    Declutter Your Space & Mind.

    Did you know that clutter has a direct negative impact on your health? It can leave you feeling anxious, stressed, or even depressed. Discover how those piles of paper, overstuffed cabinets, and unused gadgets can hurt your mental and physical well-being and learn strategies to find your calm.


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    How To Be A #GoalGetter Power Up Boutique

    Find your balance & power up in 2021

    An 8-week program of expert strategy to clean up your life "back office," achieve balance and power up in 2021 within an intimate group setting of like-minded #goalgetters in the making. Begins Tuesday, January 19th.


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    The Startup Xperience - Coming Soon!

    X marks the Spot. Discover your path into the entrepreneurial journey.

    Every entrepreneur's journey is different. It varies. In mathematics, X is considered an unknown variable. Join The Startup Xperience and receive a framework that allows you to assign meaning to the unknown and create the entrepreneurial journey you desire.

    - X marks the spot. Discover your path into the entrepreneurial journey
    - Demystify the startup process.
    - Explore a step by step framework to begin your business.
    - Receive tips on how to organize your startup.
    - Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

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    7 Ways To Recenter in Uncertain Times

    Reconnect to self, the work you wish to do, and the life you wish to create.

    Unsure of what to do in this current space and feeling all over the place? Surety and effective action first begin within. Reconnect to self, the work you wish to do, and the life you wish to create with these 7 steps. Watch Video Replay. Hosted by Rebelle Con.


    Focus & FLow On the Grow

    Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Startup

    Startup owners don't you wish someone had told you how to manage all the pieces of your business before starting your business? Learn the 6 areas where you should focus to create a business that flows. Stay productive and focused while building your business.


    Focus & Flow on the Go

    Pro Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your Productivity & Workflow in a New Working Environment

    Many of us were shuttled home during the shutdown and no one told us the rules on how to cope and manage in a new working environment. Learn my top tips, tricks & strategies to get things done while maintaining your sanity inside the office or working from home.


    The Art of Goal Setting

    Where Goal Setting Meets Artistic Expression.

    The Art of Goal Setting Workshop empowers youth to achieve their dreams through creative goal setting within a fun, creative, and dynamic peer to peer sharing atmosphere. Learn more.


    A SIP of Greatness Workshop

    Stay In Purpose (SIP) and tap into what's already inside of you to succeed.

    Everyone has a unique gift to offer the world. What's yours? Allow us to help navigate your journey towards discovering how to SIP (Stay In Purpose) and uncover your personal genius. Learn more.