• Home Organizing Prept Tips & Requests


    Safety is our top priority. Please review Harmony's safety tips and requests.

    Wear closed shoes to protect your feet.

    • Wear comfortable clothing you're okay with potentially getting dirty.
    • Wear a scarf and/or hat and face mask to protect your hair and lungs from dust and avoid allergic reactions (if needed).
    • If you're participating hands-on in the project: Have water available to stay refreshed throughout the project.
    • If you're participating hands-on in the project: We'll take 5-10 min breaks at scheduled intervals.
    • Please make sure your pet(s) are not in the organizing space to avoid accidents. We want to ensure the safety of everyone, pets included.
    • Remove any sensitive information or items you do not want me to see.
    • Remove any weapons from the space (if applicable).

    Also, this is a dedicated time for me to get you clutter-free! Please be mindful of unnecessary distractions such as social media browsing or taking on the phone.