Organizing Coaching

Organizing Coaching

Learn how to implement the S.P.A.C.E. method to declutter your office or home in this 60-minute step-by-step virtual organizing session. An Organizing Action Plan is included.

During our organizing session I will guide in the process to declutter and transfer skills so that you will be able to successfully complete the project at your pace

*Virtual Sessions only.
Book Discovery Call
Book Discovery Call
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This service works best if:

  • You're highly motivated to reach your organizing goals. (8 and above out of 10 on the motivation scale)
  • You're comfortable using technology on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • You have reliable internet access.
  • You're coachable, i.e. good at following instructions AND working on your own. 
  • You have a personal record of completing projects you start. 
  • You have the physical ability to do hands-on organizing work by yourself, or with help from supportive friends or family members.
  • You have pretty good communication skills.
  • You're busy and don’t have time for a longer in-person organizing sessions.
  • You want the expertise and advice of a professional organizer.
Organizing Coaching is available for your home or office space
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom 
  • Office / Workspace
  • Closets
  • Papers / Files 
  • Electronic/Digital Files
  • More

A Step By Step Breakdown

  1. Book Your Discovery Call to learn more about virtual organizing.
  2. Submit Photos -  ONLY 1 room/space allowed.
  3. Schedule 90-Minute Session(s) 
  4. Your Organizing Action Plan will be delivered to your email prior to your session
  5. Zoom Calls
  6. Email Support
Other Services: 
  • E-Design (electronic design) - interior design chart with ideas and priced items for your space $150
  • 45 Minute Virtual Consultation + DIY Organizing Action Plan $250
  • DIY Bundle (Virtual Consultation + DIY Organizing Action  Plan + Electronic Design) $325