• Workshops

  • Harmony provides signature & customized transformational workshops to teams, small businesses & communities.

    Available in person & virtually.

    Here is A List of Some of Our Customized Workshops


    • Focus & Flow On The Grow: 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Startup | Avoid common startup mistakes and launch smarter.
    This interactive workshop provides uncommon business startup pro tips that coupled with productivity & organizing strategies, tips & tricks to improve professional work-life balance, boundary setting, workflow and efficiency to launch smarter.


    • Green Light: Intentions, Goals & How To Get There | for women with ideas.  

    An intimate and empowering discussion + strategy session, created exclusively for women who are trailblazers, change-makers, community organizers and champions of success.


    • A SIP of Greatness Workshop | Stay In Purpose (SIP) and tap into what's already inside of you to succeed.
    Stay In Purpose (SIP) and tap into what's already inside of you to succeed. Uncover your unique gift to the world. Navigate your journey towards discovering how to SIP (Stay In Purpose) and uncover your personal genius.


    • From Chaos To Calm: Unleashing Your Inner Genius Through Organization | Create the life you want.
    Clutter keeps you stuck - in all levels of your life. Learn how to the SPACE method can empower you to declutter your physical and mental spaces to release your intellectual and creative power and create the life you want.